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User 0 parameters

1. Set the Model 204 User 0 parameter DEBUGMAX. This parameter, which defaults to 0, is the number of internal debugging control blocks that will be allocated.

Specify a DEBUGMAX value of at least the number of Debugger seats authorized by the Authorization Key (the sum of the number of seats for each Debugger).>

Note: The maximum number of concurrent debugging sessions may never exceed the seat count of the key(s), no matter what value you specified for DEBUGMAX.

2. Set the User 0 parameter DEBUGPAG, if necessary. This parameter specifies the upper limit of the CCATEMP page allowance for a debugging session (for the combination at any one time of Audit Trail and Source Code data). The Debugger uses CCATEMP pages for its audit trail and source code lines.

DEBUGPAG defaults to 100.
If you are going to debug large programs (more than 1000 lines in a single request), increase the DEBUGPAG setting to, say, 250.  Its maximum is 25000.

Note: Although DEBUGPAG is resettable by the system manager, DEBUGMAX is not resettable.

3. The SDAEMDEV User 0 parameter sets the IODEV number for the daemon threads that are the Debugger Server worker threads. In any Online where either the Janus</vavr> or TN3270 Debugger will be used, these threads require a pushdown-list size (Model 204 LPDLST parameter setting) of at least 9000.

Note: As described below, the PDL size is user-resettable, and the Model 204 thread that is running the program that is being debugged also uses additional PDL space.

4. The User 0 parameters SDEBGUIP and SDEBWRKP set the default values respectively of the workstation port number on which the Debugger Client is listening, and the port number in your Online that [[ Define and start the Debugger Server port|is defined]] for worker threads. Explicitly setting these parameters is optional.

5. The MINDEBCL parameter specifies the minimum Debugger Client build number that can be used with the Online, letting you enforce Client upgrading. This enforcement is available as of Client build 65 and Model 204 7.7, and by default it is off.

5. Cycle the Online, so the parameter settings take effect.

User parameters

1. As stated above, the Debugger Server worker threads require a pushdown-list size of at least 9000. 2. A thread that runs a request to be debugged under the Debugger will use more PDL, VTBL, and STBL space than normal. If you suspect the existing values at your site for the size of these areas may not be adequate, add 2000 bytes to the PDL size, 100 bytes (3 units) to VTBL, and 300 bytes to STBL. You can use UTABLE LVTBL, UTABLE LSTBL, and UTABLE LPDLST commands.