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Displays the current Internet Explorer browser operating mode:

(the File menu > Preferences > IE Mode option or equivalent setIEMode setting in effect), as well as the current values of IE settings that pertain to the Client.



Sample output:

Current ie settings ...Proxy flags=(5) ...Proxy server=() ...Proxy bypass=() ...Proxy autoConfigUrl=(xxx) ...Raw flag byte=(05) ...Read from registry key= (HKEY_CURRENT_USER ...) Generated Pac File: // C:\Users\xxx\debuggerInternalPac.js generated by  debugger client on:  2015 06 11 15:20:40 function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {    urlLc = url.toLowerCase();    isDebuggable = (       (shExpMatch(urlLc, "*%22)          ||       (shExpMatch(urlLc, "*%22)          ||       (shExpMatch(urlLc, "*%22)          ||       (shExpMatch(urlLc, "*%22)    );    if (isDebuggable) return "PROXY;DIRECT";    return "DIRECT"; } pacURLMode: http httpPacUrl='' httpPac upload filename: 'PAC.' 

Common values for Proxy flags (in the output above) are:

  • 5   proxy auto config (PAC) file is being used
  • 3   proxy server is being used
  • 1   direct connection to the Internet is being used (no proxy or PAC file)
Client menu: --
Introduced: Build 62