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Controls whether, and the host URLs for which, the Debugger will serve as the proxy server for users of the Internet Explorer or Chrome browser. The command has options to set or remove the setting of the Client as the proxy server for IE or Chrome browser requests. The command also has an option to create a PAC (Proxy Auto Config) file, which restricts the host URLs for which the Client will act as proxy server, and an option to merge such a PAC file with a preexisting PAC file, if any.


setIEMode {none|proxy|newPac|mergedPac} [file|http]


  • none
    • Makes no changes to the Internet Properties tool, which contains configuration settings for Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers, and undoes any such setting changes made since the Debugger Client was started.
This option also undoes the effects of any other setIEMode commands issued since the Client was started.
  • proxy
    • Makes the Debugger Client the proxy server for Internet Explorer and Chrome. This is the same as setting the Preferences dialog box equivalent, the proxy option for IE Mode.
  • newPac
    • Generates a PAC file using the hosts and ports specified in the Debugger configuration file (debuggerConfig.xml) settings, and sets IE and Chrome to use it. Any existing PAC file (that is, specified in the Internet Properties tool) is not used.
  • mergedPac
    • Merges any existing PAC file with a PAC file generated from the Debugger configuration file settings, and sets IE and Chrome to use it.
  • file or http
    • If you are using newPac or mergedPac to produce a PAC, specifying file or http sets the type of the URL that is sent to the browser. file is the default. To take advantage of an http setting, you must also configure an HTTP server to service the PAC file.

For parameter options that modify the Internet Properties configuration, no restart of the browser is necessary, and the Debugger provides automatic maintenance (makes the Internet Properties modifications at Client startup, then removes them when the Client closes).


If you issue the following command, the Debugger Client immediately generates a merged PAC file and configures the browser to run it; then at Client shutdown, the command restores the Internet Properties initial settings:

 setIEMode mergedPac 

Once the above command is issued, the browser runs the script each time a URL is requested, and the Debugger Client serves as proxy only for the hosts specified in the script. The merged PAC file specification will persist through Client closes and starts until you use setIEMode or the Preferences dialog box to change or remove it.

See also:

  • The generatePac command, which creates and/or merges a PAC file, but makes no modifications to the Internet Properties configuration settings.
  • The showIE command, which displays the current Internet connection settings plus additional details.
  • The retryHttpPac command, which verifies whether your HTTP PAC server is working and pointed to from the Client configuration file.
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Introduced: Build 62