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This page presents date processing issues, including usage of SirFact past the year 1999, an explanation of its processing of dates, and any rules and restrictions you must follow to achieve correct results using date values with SirFact. SirFact uses dates in the following ways:

  • To examine the CPU clock (as returned by the STCK hardware instruction) to determine the current date, in case SirScan is under a rental or trial agreement
  • To set the procedure name for a SirFact dump to contain the date and time at which the dump was created. These timestamps always use a four-digit year.
  • To display the current date, as returned by the TIME SVC (if the Sir2000 User Language Tools product is active, the date is obtained by temporarily switching the clock using the APPDATE INTERNAL command) as page headers in various end-user displays.

For headers on pages or rows that occur on printed pages or displayed screens, RKTools products generally use a full four-digit year format, although they may display dates with two-digit years in circumstances where the proper century can be inferred from the context.

You must examine all uses of date values in your applications to ensure that each of your applications produces correct results. Furthermore, both the operating system and Model 204 must correctly process and transmit dates beyond 1999 in order for SirFact to operate properly.

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