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Starting with Version 7.8 of the Sirius Mods, release notes and documentation are maintained in M204wiki. Release notes for older product releases are still cataloged in the Sirius web site. Recent product releases from Sirius include:

ProductRelease date 
Fast/Unload Version 4.7Under development

Expected availability Q2, 2013. Will contain additional 64-bit memory exploitation and resulting higher performance.

Sirius Mods V8.1Currently in Beta

Expected General Availability in Q4, 2012. Contains several features to facilitate construction of composite Web Services using daemons. Improvements to detect and prevent Record locking "leaks" via global and session object references.

Fast/Unload Version 4.6July, 2012

Required when Fast/Unload User Language Interface is used with M204 V7R4. Adds support in FUEL for navigating Repeating Field Group structures in FILEORG=X'100' files.

Sirius Mods V8.0April, 2012

The first release of Sirius Mods to support M204 V7R4. Ongoing enhancements to the Sirius Object-Oriented Programming extensions to User Language.

Sirius Mods V7.9October, 2011

Continued OOP enhancements, especially in the area of exceptions.

Sirius Mods V7.8November, 2010

Continued OOP enhancements.

Fast/Unload Version 4.5May, 2010

An interim release used only to convert M204 files to the field group format of FILEORG=X'100' files.