TERMBUF parameter

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# of full screen input buffers


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line or on first IODEV=7 line
Related products
Model 204 V2.1 or earlier


The number of SNA Communications Server full screen (IODEV=7) terminal buffers to be allocated for input.

This buffer pool is used only when an input stream is longer than 150 bytes. The length of an input stream from a 3270-type terminal depends on the product of the number of screen fields modified by the user and the length of those fields. Applications that display lengthy text fields and invite users to modify them, such as the Model 204 Full Screen Editor, typically make use of these buffers.

The greater the number of concurrent users of such applications, the larger this buffer pool must be. Although the default for TERMBUF is 2, you should usually supply 4 or more. Supply 10 or more if the system includes text-heavy applications.

These buffers are allocated above the 16-megabyte line (in z/OS). This parameter must be less than or equal to the value of NOTERM for the IODEV 7 terminal group. Each buffer is approximately equal to LOUTPB, the length of the output page buffer.

When the last buffer is used, an additional four buffers are allocated by the system.