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Action: An alternative to TN3270 DEBUG ON. For the TN3270 debugger, WAIT allows connection to online to be initiated from the client, if used with Build 69 or higher of the client.

In some network environments, this is more firewall friendly than having the online connect to the client with TN3270 DEBUG ON.

Detailed steps for setting up and using TN3270 DEBUG WAIT follow.

Client menu: Execution > Connect to online...
Introduced: Build 69

One time setup on the client to use TN3270 DEBUG WAIT:

  • Get the following information for the Model 204 online from which you want to use the debugger:
  1. The host name or IP number by which the mainframe can be reached from the client.
  2. The port number of the debugger server as created with: JANUS DEFINE name port DEBUGGERSERVER ...
  • Start the client
  • Edit debuggerConfig.xml (file->Edit debuggerConfig.xml)
  • Add a workers section at the root level, as shown below. There must be a worker named 'default'.  Other workers are optional.  In the below example only the first worker is required;  the xxx worker is an example of how to optionally add another.

  <debuggerConfig>    <workers>       <worker>          <name>default</name>          <host>host number from 1 above</host>          <port>port number from 2 above</port>       </worker>       <worker>          <name>xxx</name>          <host>another host that uses the debugger</host>          <port>port number of debugger server on other host</port>       </worker>       ... more workers (maybe)    </workers>    rest of existing config file..  

  • Restart the client.

Each time you wish to use TN3270 DEBUG WAIT:

  • Start the client
  • In your terminal window, go to the Model 204 command prompt
  • Issue TN3270 DEBUG WAIT
  • You will see output like:


 ***  MSIR.1084: Waiting for connection...

  Hit enter and connect debugger client to user n within 20 seconds.

  • Note the user number    
  • Hit enter
  • In the client, from the menu, select: Execution->'Connect to online...'
  • A dialog appears
  • Enter the user number from the message
  • If you have multiple workers, you can select an alternative to 'default'
  • Click "Do It"
  • As an alternative to the dialog, you can use the connectToOnline command