ULTRACE parameter

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UL Trace statement flags


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User and $Resetn resettable
Related products
Before Sirius Mods 6.7


This bitmask parameter controls the behavior of the User Language Trace statement (as well as Text and Html statements with the Trace option, the TraceText statement, and Trace methods in several classes, for example the XmlDoc Trace subroutine and the Arraylist Trace subroutine).

The ULTRACE bit settings are:

Send TRACE output to terminal. This is the default.
Send TRACE output to audit trail.
Send TRACE output to a CCATEMP wrap-around trace table. See the ULTRACEP parameter.

The default setting for ULTRACE (X'01') means that the Trace statement acts much like a Print statement. The bits can be combined so that output can be sent to both the terminal and the audit trail, or to the CCATEMP wrap-around trace table and to the terminal and to the audit trail.

If a Trace statement is executed when ULTRACE is set to 0, the request is cancelled.