ULTRACEP parameter

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Max UL Trace statement pages


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User and $Resetn resettable
Related products
Before Sirius Mods 6.7


This numeric parameter indicates the maximum number of CCATEMP pages that will be allocated for a user for holding trace data. The CCATEMP wrap-around trace table is a user-specific trace table that consists of a set of CCATEMP pages whose maximum size is specified by the ULTRACEP user parameter.

If ULTRACEP pages are already in use when a Trace statement is issued, and output is being routed to the trace table (ULTRACE X'04' set — see ULTRACE), the trace data on the oldest page is discarded, and the oldest page is reused for the new trace data.

The wrap-around trace table is dumped in SirFact dumps, and it can be viewed with the following command when using the FACT subsystem to examine a dump:

D[ISPLAY] T[RACE][.{* | N}]

where N specifies that the last n entries are to be displayed. Specifying D T will display all trace entries, and specifying D T.20 will display the last 20.

The current contents of the wrap-around trace table can also be examined with the $Trace2List function or the Stringlist class AppendTrace method.