USLCMAX parameter

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User slice max to CSLICE


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On user's parameter line
Related products
Model 204 V7.1


This counter is decremented each time a user reaches the bottom of a For or Repeat loop, performs a backward Jump To, and on a number of other occasions.

When the counter reaches zero, a call is made to the CLSICE (Check SLICE) routine to see if the user has exceeded any maximums — MCPU, MDKRD, MDKWR, MUDD, MCNCT, or MOUT — and should be given the LONG REQUEST message or put into a wait (USLCWAIT).

Decreasing the counter number increases scheduler overhead, since CSLICE will be called more often. Increasing the number reduces scheduler overhead, but allows users to run longer before being checked for exceeding maximums.