UnicodeToUtf8 (Unicode function)

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Translate to UTF-8 (Unicode class)

UnicodeToUtf8 converts a Unicode string to a UTF-8 Longstring byte stream.


%string = unicode:UnicodeToUtf8[( [InsertBOM= boolean])]

Syntax terms

%string A String or Longstring variable to receive the method object string translated to a UTF-8 byte stream.
unicode A Unicode string.
InsertBOM The optional, name required, InsertBOM argument is a Boolean:
  • If its value is True, the "Byte Order Mark" (U+FEFF, encoded as X'EFBBBF') is inserted at the start of the output stream.
  • If its value is False, the default, no Byte Order Mark is inserted.


UnicodeToUtf8 can throw the following exception:

If the method encounters a translation problem, properties of the exception object may indicate the location and type of problem.

Usage notes

  • UnicodeToUtf8 is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.


In the following fragment, UnicodeToUtf8 is used to show how the Unicode U+B2 character (superscript 2) is represented in UTF-8. Appending the StringToHex method is useful for viewing the hex values of characters that do not have displayable EBCDIC equivalents.

%u unicode initial('²':U) print %u:UnicodeToUtf8:stringToHex

The result is:


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