Utf8ToUnicode (String function)

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Convert a UTF-8 Longstring bytestream to Unicode (String class)

The Utf8ToUnicode intrinsic function converts a UTF-8 string to Unicode.


%unicode = string:Utf8ToUnicode[( [AllowUntranslatable= boolean])] Throws CharacterTranslationException

Syntax terms

%unicode A Unicode string variable to receive the method object string translated to Unicode.
string The method object string that is presumed to contain a UTF-8 byte stream.
AllowUntranslatable This argument indicates whether this function will store values into the target Unicode string if they cannot be translated to EBCDIC. This value defaults to True, which means that such values would be allowed. If this argument is set to False, a Unicode value not translatable to EBCDIC produces a CharacterTranslationException exception.

Unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, it is best to use the default value of True.


Utf8ToUnicode can throw the following exception:

CharacterTranslationException If the method encounters a translation problem, properties of the exception object may indicate the location and type of problem.


In the following fragment, Utf8ToUnicode converts a hexadecimal input to a single Unicode character. In case the Unicode character translates to an EBCDIC character that cannot be displayed, the CharacterEncode option of UnicodeToEbcdic causes the output of a hexadecimal character reference.

%u unicode %u = 'E284A2':X:Utf8ToUnicode print %u:unicodeToEbcdic(CharacterEncode=true)

The result of the above fragment is the character reference for the trademark character:


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