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Acts like the Value button, displaying in a separate window the value of the item specified or the value currently in the Entity name input box.


valueDisplay [item]

where item is the program item whose value you want to display, for example %a.  If you want to display a value from a particular scope (routine), prefix it with 'routineName.'; For example: valueDisplay outer.%local

If item is not specified, the command attempts to use the value specified in the Entity name input box. For example, you might want to map a button you can readily click to display the value of what is in the Entity name input box:

mapButton Button0 valueDisplay  

The Value window opened by valueDisplay can be closed by closeValueDisplay.

If valueDisplay is executed, and the Console is open, the value is displayed in the Console window. To insist that a Value window be used for the display in this case, use the valueDisplayOnConsole option of the setPreference command.

Client menu: Data Display > Value Display
Introduced: Build 43