SetPreference command

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Lets you use a macro or mapped button or key to control Client preference settings that are available via the Preferences dialog box or the Proc Selection page.


setPreference option {on|off} 

where option is one of the following:

  • breakAfterReadScreen

setPreference ignoredFileTypeList {on|off} 

on honors the "ignore list" default behavior
off does no file type filtering
  • macroAutorun
    • Selects or clears the Macro Autorun checkbox in the Preferences dialog box
  • valueDisplayOnConsole
    • Controls whether value displays appear in a separate Value window when the Console is open (the default, on, shows them in the Console if it is open)

Note:Instead of on or off, the command also takes 1 or 0.

You may want to use the command to toggle a setting in a Client macro, for example:

# toggle use exclude/include directives  toggle &debuggerDirectives !Directives setPreference debuggerDirectives &debuggerDirectives 

Client menu: --
Introduced: Build 55