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Model 204 audit trail information is available in two places in the Debugger Client:

  • The Audit Trail tabbed page
  • The Most Recent Audit Trail< window

The Audit Trail tab

This tab displays the Model 204 audit trail lines produced by the thread that is servicing your web request or executing your 3270/Batch2 request, and by any threads that run daemons on behalf of either of these types of thread. In addition, this page displays information about the state of the Debugger Client, such as the port on which it is listening, and for the Janus Debugger, about incoming connections to the web server from other web browsers.

To see audit trail lines that are no longer displayed on the page:

  • Click the Top button (below the page) to display the beginning of the audit trail, or click the Bottom button to display the end of the audit trail.
  • Use the scroll bar (to the right of the page), drag a highlighted line toward the top or bottom of the page, or use the Search, Search Next, and Search Prev buttons.
By default, the F9 key is equivalent to the Search Next button. Search Prev (or pressing the Alt key while clicking either the Search or Search Next button) makes the search operate backwards, that is, from bottom to top (the CTRL-U key combination has the same result).
Pressing the Enter key after clicking Search Next (or whenever the Search Next button is highlighted) repeats the Search Next action. To get this same result you can also press the CTRL-F key combination (to give focus to the Search text area), then press the Enter key.

To clear the Audit Trail display, click the Clear Audit button, below the page. The lines from the entire session are removed.  

The Most Recent Audit Trail window

This window displays the last few lines of the audit trail for the debugged thread. It does not display any non-audit information.

The Most Recent Audit Trail display is not cleared by Clear Audit button.

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