Watching program data items

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The Watch Window box can display the current value of one or more program code data items. It is located in the lower right corner of the main window, unless it is opened in a separate window external to the Client.

The Watch Window is updated as the program runs, each time execution is paused by the Debugger. If the value of a watched item is changed by the last statement execution, it is highlighted:


The following types of items can be “watched”:

  • %variable scalar values (for example: %x, %y)
  • Elements of %variable arrays (for example: %names(%I), %names(34))
  • Image items (including image array elements) (for example: %input:name)
  • Global variables
  • Database fields
  • Model 204 parameters
  • Elements of $lists and Stringlist and Arraylist objects
  • Counts of items in a $list or Stringlist or Arraylist
  • Structure elements (for example: %address:city)
  • Object variables (for example: %xmlInput:serial)

These subsections follow:

Adding and removing Watch Window items
Saving and restoring Watch Window contents
Getting a detailed view of the value of a watched item
Watching Model 204 fields
Watching global variables
Watching object variables
Watching $lists and Stringlists
Watching class member variables