Getting a detailed view of the value of a watched item

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You can double click an item in the Watch Window to display a detailed value window. For example, if you double clicked %X:SERIAL (whose value is a single string that may include line ends) in the Watch Window box shown below:


The value is displayed in a separate window:


By default, any line end characters in the value are honored in this Value window, and the value is broken into lines accordingly. To see the value unbroken at line ends, you click the Wrap radio button:


From wrap mode, you can always revert to line end mode by clicking the Honor Line Ends button.

To see the hexadecimal values of the data, click the Binary button.

To print or save the value, use the Print or Save options of the File menu. The Save option saves the file in the window's current display format (ordinary text or hexadecimal digits). To search the value display, use the search bar on the bottom of the window.

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