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The following are the available Unicode class methods.

JsonParseParse a string into a Json object tree
UnicodeAfterPart of string after a substring
UnicodeBeforePart of string before a substring
UnicodeCharThe value at a specified position in the input string
UnicodeEQTest if unicode strings are equal
UnicodeFormUrlEncodeForm URL encode unicode string
UnicodeGETest if unicode string greater than or equal to another
UnicodeGTTest if unicode string greater than another
UnicodeLETest if unicode string less than or equal to another
UnicodeLeftThe left-most characters of the string
UnicodeLengthLength of this string
UnicodeLTTest if unicode string less than another
UnicodeNETest if unicode strings are unequal
UnicodePositionInThe numeric position of one string within another
UnicodePositionOfThe numeric position of one string within another
UnicodeRegexMatchPosition after match of regex
UnicodeRegexReplaceReplace regex match(es)
UnicodeReplaceApply the replacement table to this string
UnicodeRightThe right-most characters of the string
UnicodeSubstringReturn a substring of the method object string
UnicodeToEbcdicTranslate to Ebcdic
UnicodeToLowerTranslate to lowercase
UnicodeToUpperTranslate to uppercase
UnicodeToUtf16Translate to UTF-16
UnicodeToUtf8Translate to UTF-8
UnicodeTrimLeftTrim characters from left of string
UnicodeTrimRightTrim characters from right of string
UnicodeUnspaceRemove whitespace characters from the string
UnicodeUntranslatablePositionPosition of first Unicode character not translatable to EBCDIC
UnicodeUrlEncodeURL encode unicode string
UnicodeWithConcatenate this Unicode string with another

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