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The $Curfile function returns the name of the file from which the current record has been selected. If the file is remote, $Curfile also returns the location of the file (in the form filename AT location). $Curfile takes no arguments.

You can use $Curfile in two places:

  • In arithmetic and Print specifications within a record loop
  • In an In clause to override a default file or group in a Store Record statement

See $Curfile and $Update functions for a discussion of default files and for examples of requests using $Curfile.

You cannot use an In clause that includes both Member and $Curfile. See IN GROUP MEMBER clause for more information about the In Group Member clause.

See also

  • The CURFILE parameter.

    Note: It is recommended that you use $Curfile rather than $View('CURFILE'); in some circumstances $Curfile returns more accurate information than the CURFILE parameter.

  • The DEFCNTX parameter (which is quite similar to the CURFILE parameter but provides more information and with more accuracy), and see the related APDFCNTX parameter.
  • The DEFAULT and OPEN commands, which reset the file/group context.
  • The OPENC command, which does not reset the file/group context.
  • The CLOSE command, which might reset the file/group context.