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Set user buffer to longstring value

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is no OO equivalent for the $Lstr_Set_UserBuffer function.

This callable function sets the contents of the current user buffer to the Longstring argument value. Such a user buffer is a Universal Buffer or an MQ/204 user buffer, both of which, as of Model 204 V6R1, may transfer Large Object (LOB) data. For versions of Model 204 prior to 6.1, this function applies only to the MQ user buffer and requires the MQ/204 feature.


[%len =] $Lstr_Set_UserBuffer(longstring)

%len The length in bytes of the user buffer contents, or it is -1 to indicate an error.
longstring The String or Longstring to be copied to the user buffer.

Usage notes

  • The Universal Buffer is a one-per-user, temporary storage area that, like the MQ buffer, automatically expands to accommodate its data contents. Unlike prior versions, the MQ buffer in Model 204 6.1 also becomes a one-per-user buffer.

    If the user buffer has to be expanded to accommodate the longstring value, its length is increased in increments of 4096 bytes (one page).

  • Any errors during the transfer of the longstring value result in request cancellation.
  • Additional functions specifically for working with Large Object data are:

Products authorizing $Lstr_Set_UserBuffer