APSYPAGE parameter

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APSYPAGE is obsolete as of 7.6


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line
Related products
Model 204 V5.1


While the feature was available, the APSYPAGE parameter activated the APSY Precompiled Procedures in Storage feature by specifying a number of 4K-byte operating system pages.

For IBM z/OS systems only.

APSYPAGE was implemented to take advantage of the MVPG machine language instruction which moved an entire hardware page (4K bytes) with a single instruction and which, at the time, had significantly better performance than the stream-oriented moves used by standard APSY load. However, recent hardware models actually seem to have better performance for the stream-oriented moves.

Note: As of Model 204 7.5, it is recommended that customers who have been using the APSYPAGE parameter disable the APSYPAGE feature by setting APSYPAGE to 0.
As of Model 204 7.7, setting APSYPAGE to a non-zero value results in an error and prevents the Online from coming up.

Instead of APSYPAGE, you can use the following:

  • The RESPAGE parameter (recommended for performance).

    Set RESPAGE to the former value of APSYPAGE. Both RESPAGE and APSYPAGE specify the number of 4096-byte pages allocated for the respective feature.

  • The TEMPPAGE parameter.

    TEMPPAGE pages are larger so fewer are needed. TEMPPAGE pages are 6184 bytes, with 6144 used to hold data and 40 bytes as page trailers. Divide the former APSYPAGE value by 1.5 before adding to TEMPPAGE.