Client Command Reference

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Client commands are the operations that you invoke from Client menus and can assign to a button, keyboard shortcut, or macro. It is intended that there be a command available for any Client operation you want to automate.  

The following subsections describe individually the available commands, which are specified without regard for case.

Later sections in this document describe ways to use the commands:

A very few of the commands are macro only: commands that may be used only in a Debugger macro. The descriptions of these commands include a Scope section that reminds of this restriction.

As a quick means of testing what a command does, you can open the Command Line tool and run your command from there (specifying  a qualifying Command keyword if a same named macro command exists).  For informational, error, and trace messages from the command, you can use the Console tool.

You can also execute a command from within a User Language request by using the ClientCommand method of the DebuggerTools class.