Controlling the execution of program code

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This section describes how to navigate through and control the execution of the program code you are debugging.

GUI buttons, menus, and commands let you execute a request all at once, or let you advance execution in increments (by pausing after executing individual statements, optionally bypassing the code display from calls to subroutines and methods).

You can explicitly set "breakpoints" in a request before which program execution is to pause, and you can toggle defaults a) to pause or not at the end of the evaluation of a request, and b) to pause or not after processing READ SCREEN statements.

You can discontinue the debugging of all or part of a request called by your program, skipping the execution of the entire request or of the remaining part of the request.

You can continue code execution without interruption until a procedure you identify by name or pattern is reached. And you can jump out of the normal flow of code execution, executing the statement to which you jump, but not executing the intervening statements.

These subsections follow: