DeleteSelectionPrefix (XmlDoc subroutine)

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Delete prefix's XPath-selection association (XmlDoc class)

DeleteSelectionPrefix removes any XPath-selection association for the node name prefix identified by its string argument.


doc:DeleteSelectionPrefix( prefix)

Syntax terms

doc An XmlDoc object expression.
prefix A string prefix (the part of the name before the colon) for a node. This is a Unicode string argument; prior to Sirius Mods Version 7.6, this is an EBCDIC string.

Usage notes

  • DeleteSelectionPrefix has no cancellation conditions other than the usual requirement that the method object cannot be Null.
  • DeleteSelectionPrefix is available in Sirius Mods Version 7.0 and later.


In the following example fragment, a prefix is temporarily used in an Xpath expression, then deleted:

... %doc:SelectionNamespace('tempP') = 'urn:localxxx' %node = %inpNode:SelectSingleNode('tempP:infoChild') %doc:DeleteSelectionPrefix('tempP') ...

See also

  • IsSelectionPrefix method is useful in conjunction with DeleteSelectionPrefix.
  • SelectionNamespace specifies the namespace URI associated with a prefix, when the prefix is used in an XPath expression.