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Fast/Unload system flags


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
System manager resettable
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Fast/Unload SOUL Interface
Sirius Mods 6.7


This is a bitmask parameter that controls the behavior of the Fast/Unload SOUL Interface (FUSI), where the bits mean:

X'01' Indicates that a synchronous Fast/Unload request is not to be allowed while an updating transaction is active. This is to prevent a Fast/Unload request that might take a long time to complete from being run while a user has resources enqueued for an updating

transaction. These resources would, of course, include the blocking of checkpoints if subtransaction checkpoints are not being used.

If the X'01' bit is set, and a thread attempts a synchronous Fast/Unload SOUL Interface request (either via $Funload or the FastUnload method of the Recordset class) in the middle of an updating transaction, the transaction will be cancelled with a message like the following:

CANCELLING REQUEST: MSIR.0561: $FUNLOAD: Synchronous request during update transaction in line 43, procedure FUNTEST, file ALEXPROC

X'02' Indicates that "basic" Fast/Unload messages for all users are always audited, regardless of the presence of a Fast/Unload SOUL Interface "report" argument.
X'04' Indicates that all Fast/Unload messages for all users, except "Field statistics", are always audited, regardless of the presence of a Fast/Unload SOUL Interface "report" argument. The X'02' bit need not be set if the X'04' bit is set.
X'08' Indicates that "basic" Fast/Unload messages for all users are always audited in the Model 204 audit trail, whether or not the FUNAUDIT DD name is present. If the X'04' bit is on, all messages are audited there as well.

In the odd case that there is no Model 204 audit trail, the X'08' bit is ignored, but auditing is performed as if the X'02' bit were on, whether it is or not.

Using the X'02', X'04', and X'08' bits

For both of the FUNPARM X'02' and X'04' bits, the same bit has the same meaning (for an individual user) in the FUNPRMU user parameter; the indicated effect takes place if either of the FUNPRMU or FUNPARM bits are on. That is also true for the X'08' bit, although there are some additional details for the X'08' bit which generally you don't need to concern yourself with, but are explained as part of the more detailed Fast/Unload report processing discussion.

The X'02', X'04', and X'08' bits of this parameter, together with the same bits of FUNPRMU, control the auditing of messages when using the Fast/Unload SOUL Interface. These parameters can be used to augment the availability of auditing information, in such a way that the user or the system manager can ensure that information is available for a single job or all jobs, without changes to any SOUL program invoking FastUnload, FastUnloadTask, or $Funload. Without the use of these parameters, some auditing information may be available from the FUNAUDIT dataset, but that information may be inadequate: for example, messages from a FastUnload job will not be in FUNAUDIT if the Report parameter is specified.

Note: The X'02', X'04', and X'08' bits were new in version 8.1 of the Sirius Mods, and these bits are ignored without the corresponding feature introduced in version 4.7 of Fast/Unload.

Using the X'02', X'04', and X'08' bits of these parameters is fairly straightforward, and the above description should be adequate to use them. A complete description of the processing triggered by these bits is presented in the Fast/Unload report processing discussion.