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Garbage collector statistics


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User resettable
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Janus SOAP
Sirius Mods 7.5


This bitmask parameter controls the reporting of SOUL garbage collection statistics. The statistics, provided in an MSIR error message, include the number of objects discarded by the garbage collection process and the amount of time taken.

These are the GCSTATS bit settings:

Do not send garbage collection statistics. This is the default.
Send statistics to the audit trail.
Send statistics to the audit trail and to the terminal.

The message that is sent is similar to the following, which reports the discarding of 10001 of the 10002 objects still occupying system resources for this thread and session after this request's normal cleanup:

*** MSIR.0995: (explicit) Garbage collection completed in 16ms realtime with 16ms CPU time. Discarded 10001/10002 objects.

The (explicit) tag in the message above signifies that garbage collection was initiated explicitly by a %(object):GarbageCollect call. An (implicit) tag displays if the garbage collection is invoked for a user by the system because more than the AUTOGCN parameter threshold number of "orphaned" objects remained after the request's normal object cleanup.

For more information about garbage collection, see Cleanup by garbage collection.