ItemByNumber (GenericNamedArraylist property)

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Return or set item using item number (FloatNamedArraylist, NamedArraylist, and UnicodeNamedArraylist classes)

ItemByNumber is a ReadWrite property that returns or sets the FloatNamedArraylist, NamedArraylist, or UnicodeNamedArraylist item that has the specified ordinal item number.


%currentItem = anyNal:ItemByNumber( number) anyNal:ItemByNumber( number) = newItem

Syntax terms

%currentItem A variable of the same type as specified on the anyNal declaration to contain the value of the specified anyNal item.
anyNal A FloatNamedArraylist, NamedArraylist, or UnicodeNamedArraylist object.
number A whole number greater than 0 to identify a anyNal item by its position in the ordered FloatNamedArraylist, NamedArraylist, or UnicodeNamedArraylist. If number is greater than the number of items in anyNal, or if it is less than or equal to zero, the request is cancelled.
newItem A variable or value of the same type as specified on the anyNal declaration to be assigned to the specified anyNal item.

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