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Lets you assign a keyboard shortcut without having to edit a mapping file (ui.xml or uimore.xml) and to restart the Client.


mapKey [modifier-]key command 

Where (case not important):

  • modifier is one of:  
    • alt maps the ALT-key version of a key combination (command runs when you hold down the Alt key and press the specified key)
    • cntrl,control, cntl, ctl, or ctrl maps the control key version of a key combination

modifier is optional, and its default is no modifier.

  • key is a keyboard key: a single letter or digit, or one of F2 through F12 (the function keys)
  • command is a Client command


mapKey f2 Step  mapKey ALT-f2 stepover   mapkey Ctl-f2 stepout   mapKey ALT-2 run 

After you execute the command, the new mapping is reflected immediately in the keyboard. The new mapping does not appear in the mapping file, and it does not remain if the Client is restarted.

The command to remove a keyboard shortcut mapping is clearKey. The command to map a Client button is mapButton.

Client menu: --
Introduced: Build 57