RemoveQuotes (StringTokenizer property)

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Whether to remove quote characters around returned values of quoted tokens (StringTokenizer class)

This readWrite property returns or sets the Boolean value that indicates whether to remove the quote characters from the returned values of quoted tokens. The default value for a new tokenizer is True.


%currentBoolean = stringTokenizer:RemoveQuotes stringTokenizer:RemoveQuotes = newBoolean

Syntax terms

%currentBoolean A Boolean enumeration object to contain the returned value of RemoveQuotes.
stringTokenizer A StringTokenizer object expression.
newBoolean The Boolean value to assign to stringTokenizer's RemoveQuotes property.

Usage notes

  • The Quotes property returns or resets the values of the current quotation characters. The Quotes characters are initially settable in the New call that creates the tokenizer instance.


In the following request fragment, the first PeekToken call returns quotes example, removing the double quotation marks from the tokenizer string because that is the default behavior. Then, after RemoveQuotes is reset to False, the next PeekToken call displays the returned token value with its quotation marks ("quotes example"):

... %tok = new(Quotes='"') %tok:string = '"quotes example"' Print %tok:peekToken %tok:removeQuotes = False Print %tok:peekToken ...

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