List of StringTokenizer methods

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The following are the available StringTokenizer class methods.

AtEndIs current tokenizing position at the end of the string?
CompressSpacesCompress intra-token spaces
CurrentQuotedIs current token a quoted token?
CurrentTokenString value of current token
CurrentTokenPositionPosition of first character in the current token
FindTokenSearch for specified token
FoldDoubledQuotesDoubled quotes treated as escaped quote char
NewCreate new StringTokenizer object
NextCharValue of character at current tokenizing position
NextPositionPosition of character at current tokenizing position
NextTokenNext token forward in current tokenizer string
NotAtEndIs present tokenizing position at end of tokenizerstring?
PeekCharValue of character at current tokenizing position, do not advance
PeekPreviousCharValue of previous character
PeekTokenValue of next token in current tokenizer string, do not advance
PreviousCharValue of previous character and step back one position
QuotesCharacters to be interpreted as quotes
QuotesBreakDo quotes break the current token?
RemoveQuotesWhether to remove quote characters around returned values of quoted tokens
RestOfStringNon-tokenized substring that follows the next token
SeparatorsCharacters to be interpreted as token separators
SkipTokensMove current token forward a specified number of tokens
SpacesCharacters to be interpreted as token-delimiting whitespace
StartOfStringSubstring that precedes first character of current token
StringThe string to be tokenized
StringLengthLength of current tokenizing string
StringUpToString from start to current position
SubstringSpecified substring within tokenizing string
TokenCharsCharacters to be interpreted as tokens
TokensToLowerConvert returned tokens to all-lowercase
TokensToUpperConvert returned tokens to all-uppercase

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