RestOfString (StringTokenizer function)

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Non-tokenized substring that follows the next token (StringTokenizer class)

This method returns the current non-tokenized substring of the tokenizer string. This substring starts from the position after the next token (NextPosition), and it includes the remaining characters going forward to the end of the string.


%string = stringTokenizer:RestOfString

Syntax terms

%string A string variable to receive the characters that follow the next token.
stringTokenizer A StringTokenizer object.

Usage notes

  • The RestOfString operation does not advance the NextPosition value.
  • RestOfString depends only on the value of the most recent NextPosition or NextChar call; it is independent of the values of CurrentToken and CurrentTokenPosition.
  • If the value of AtEnd is True, issuing RestOfString is not an error but returns a null string.
  • The StartOfString function returns the substring of the tokenizer string that precedes the first character of the current token (this first-character position is returned by CurrentTokenPosition).


The following request fragment shows that consecutive RestOfString statements return the same value so do not advance the NextPosition value, and it shows that RestOfString returns a null string if issued when the position is at the end of the string:

%tok:string = 'restOfString example' PrintText {%tok:nextToken} printText {%tok:restOfString} printText {%tok:restOfString} printText {%tok:nextToken} printText {%tok:restOfString} \\

The result is:

restOfString example example example \\

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