SDAEMDEV parameter

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IODEV number for SDaemons


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameters
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Before Sirius Mods 6.7


This parameter specifies the IODEV number to be used for Sdaemons (pronounced ess-demon) threads. These are special background threads (analogous to IODEV=3 threads) that operate without terminals and perform a variety of tasks, from running requests on behalf of users via $Comm functions (see the List of $functions) or Daemon class requests, to Janus Web Server and other Janus server requests, to running as Debugger or SirFact worker threads.

The value of the SDAEMDEV parameter must be an odd number between 1 and 73, and it must be different from the TNDEV parameter.

Note: Any IODEV number selected for SDAEMDEV will be unavailable for its normal function. The recommended setting for SDAEMDEV is 15 unless a site is using BTAM TTY terminals, which is exceedingly unlikely these days.

Once an SDAEMDEV value is defined, IODEV cards must be added for the threads that will run as Sdaemons, just as IODEV cards are added for any other thread type supported by Model 204. The correct number of IODEV cards depends on too many factors to provide any simple rules, but most sites should have at least 10, and then as many more as the maximum expected number of simultaneous Janus connections.

As described in Thread limits, the number of sdaemon threads you use is subject to the limits set in the MAXDAEM and MAXBG parameters.