TNDEV parameter

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IODEV number for TNSERV threads


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameters
Related products
Janus Sockets
Sirius Mods 6.9


This parameter specifies the IODEV number to be used for Janus Telnet Server connections. When a connection is made to a Janus Telnet Server, the IODEV number of the Sdaemon thread is dynamically switched to the TNDEV value. If TNDEV is not set to a non-zero value, no Janus Telnet Server (TNSERV) ports can be defined, and no telnet connections can be made directly to Model 204.

The value of the TNDEV parameter must be an odd number between 1 and 73, and it must be different from the SDAEMDEV system parameter.

Note: No IODEV cards are allowed for TNDEV's IODEV number — the IODEV number can only be used dynamically by Janus Telnet Server.

The recommended setting for TNDEV is 21, an IODEV number no longer in use by Model 204.