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Option 1 from the main menu of the SirMon 3270 interface presents a formatted, pre-defined, system overview screen. In RKWeb, selecting the Performance > Overview option of the Monitor tab displays these statistics.

System overview screen


The system overview statistics outline the overall state of a running Online. An Administrator can quickly determine if there are any problems in the system, and if so, to identify the areas needing further examination.

This screen is also accessed with the PF10 key (Detail) from any System Monitor screen (see SirMon System Monitor menu).

The top of the screen's Interval value is the difference between current time and the time that the Online started.

Using thresholds

The values for any statistics that have exceeded pre-set limits are highlighted in order to draw attention to potential performance problems. These limits are set in a companion screen that is accessed with the PF11 key from the system overview screen.

Currently PCPU is the only statistic that is highlighted when it drops below its threshold. Other statistics, such as response time indicators, are highlighted when their values rise above the threshold.

The threshold values may also be used to direct the SirMon "background monitor," described in SirMon background monitor. SirMon provides a default set of threshold values, which will require customization to consider the specifics of each installation.

Instead of these limit-driven indicators, RKWeb highlights values that are increasing from their previous display and values that are decreasing.

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