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Option 6 from the main menu presents a menu of task statistics screens. This menu is also accessible by entering =6 in the command line of any SirMon screen. In RKWeb, expanding the Performance > MP Tasks menu of the Monitor tab displays these statistics options in a sub-menu.

Task Monitor menu


Selecting a numbered option from this menu opens a scrollable screen displaying specific statistics for all tasks in an Online system. If a site does not use the MP/204 feature of Model 204, then only information for "task 0" (the main task) is displayed.

The PF1 key displays definitions for the presented statistics.

Number Option Description
U Update the selection menu Allows SirMon administrators to customize the Task Monitor menu.
A User AD-HOC An adhoc view of task statistics specific to each SirMon user.
1 Task Performance Display of CPU usage, the PCPU statistic, and other statistics related to performance of Model 204 multitasking.

As many as 31 locally defined screens may also be accessed from the Task Monitor menu. These screens are defined by a SirMon administrator, as described in SirMon custom screens.

All Task Monitor screens give the option of zooming (the PF6 key) on an individual task. The cursor must be on a valid "task" line to determine the task for which a Zoom display is requested. Zoom presents a non-scrollable screen with the same statistics as were presented on the original screen, but screen lines represent time-sliced views of the selected task's performance.

There is no Detail data available in the Task Monitor. The PF3 key from a Zoom screen returns the original Task Monitor screen.

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