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SirScan is a high performance utility that allows users in a Model 204 Online to browse the contents of its journal in real time.

SirScan permits ordinary users to view journal entries generated by their own online session, and it allows users in SIRSCAN subsystem ADMIN SCLASSes to browse journal entries for any set of users. The data is displayed in a TN3270 full-screen or web browser interface (RKWeb) with powerful searching commands and filtering options.

SirScan lets you view either:

  • The journal for the current Online
  • The journal for another Online allocated to the current Online as a sequential file.

SirScan is part of the RKTools family of products. As with all RKTools products, SirScan formerly required the installation of the Sirius Mods, with a version equal to or higher than the SirScan version. As of Model 204 V7.5, however, the functions and facilities necessary to run RKTools are built into the Model 204 kernel.

SirScan topics

The SirScan documentation consists of the pages listed below. This list is also available as a "See also" link from each of the pages.

For information about product changes and Model 204 feature support per SirScan version, see the release notes.

For information about product error messages, see MSIR. messages.

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