Sum (GenericNamedArraylist function)

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Calculate sum of items or function of items (FloatNamedArraylist, NamedArraylist, and UnicodeNamedArraylist classes)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.8]

This method returns by default the sum of the values of the items in the collection, or it returns the sum of the items after a specified function has been applied to them.


%number = anyNal:Sum[( [itemFunction])]

Syntax terms

%number A Float variable to contain the numeric result.
anyNal An FloatNamedArraylist, NamedArraylist, or UnicodeNamedArraylist object.
itemFunction A function that operates on the type of the items in the collection. It may be a local method or method variable or a class member (Variable, Property), and it must return an intrinsic (probably Float) value.

The default itemFunction value is the special identity function, This, which simply returns the item value.

Usage notes

  • The optional itemFunction parameter lets you further manipulate the collection item values before calculating the sum. If your collection items are not intrinsic values, you must specify a function that can map the item values to intrinsic values or the method will fail.

    For an example, see the Arraylist Sum "Usage notes" section.


b %nl is namedarrayList of float %nl = new %nl('April') = 3000 %nl('May') = 5000 %nl('June') = 8000 print %nl:sum end

The result is:


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