Tracing all updates to a variable's value

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Another type of tracing is to note all statements that modify a selected variable or data item and what value was assigned to the variable or item. To do this:

  1. Enter a variable or data item name in the Entity name input box below the main window.
    Note: Items like global variables or Model 204 fields or parameters require the additional prefixes before their names that are described in Viewing and modifying program elements.
  2. Click the Trace button:
The traceValues mappable command and the Trace Values option in the Client's Execution menu have the same effect as the Trace button.
The trace continues until one of the events listed in Tracing all lines executed occurs.
3. View the result in the Execution Trace page.
Only lines that modified the variable are shown, along with the new value:
4. If tracing was interrupted by a breakpoint or by daemon code, you can continue tracing by clicking the Trace button again or by pressing  the Enter key.