XDMSSN parameter

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XDM subsystem


Default value
Current setting of the z/OS subsystem name linked into the IGCLM244 (CRAM) module
Parameter type
Where set
Cannot be reset
Related products
Model 204 V6.1


The XDMSSN parameter is available only for z/OS with CRAM-XDM.

The XDMSSN parameter passes a z/OS secondary subsystem name that overrides the value stored in the CRAM IGCLM244 module. That value, a maximum of four characters, is initially specified during CRAM installation.

Example: XDMSSN=SS03

On the client side, the XDMSSN parameter applies to the following IODEV threads and can be in the form:


where subsystem is a 4-character name, separated by a colon (:) from channel, which is an 8-character name.

IODEV thread Example or discussion

TSO: CALL ’DSN(M204FS)’ ’M204:M204FULL’ CICS: M204 M204:M204FULL DATA logon userid

13 Passed as part of the SQLConnect CLI function call via server name
23 Passed as part of the IFSTRTN (see example below)
29 Passed as part of the IFDIALN call with the CHAN parameter and BATCH2 (see example below)

The subsystem name stored in IGCLM244 can also be overridden by BATCH2 or IFAM2 jobs as shown in the following examples: