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The syntax for each of the XmlDoc class methods is shown below.

Square brackets indicate optional elements of the method invocation. See also the notation conventions for methods and the List of XmlDoc methods.

[%nod =] nr:AddComment( value)

[%nod =] nr:AddElement( name, [value], [uri])

[%nod =] nr:AddPI( name, value)

[%nod =] nr:AddSubtree( sourceSubtreeNode, [DefaultURI= unicode])

[%nod =] doc:AddTopElement( name, [uri], [MoveNamespace= boolean])

doc:AddToRecord[( [DisableFieldConstraints= boolean], [CopyIDs= boolean], - [IgnoreUndefinedFields= boolean])] Throws AddToRecordError

%currentXmlAdjacentTextSetting = doc:AdjacentText doc:AdjacentText = newXmlAdjacentTextSetting

%currentBoolean = doc:AllowNull doc:AllowNull = newBoolean

%currentBoolean = doc:AllowXmlAttribute doc:AllowXmlAttribute = newBoolean

%currentBoolean = doc:AllowXmlElement doc:AllowXmlElement = newBoolean

nr:Audit[( [xpath], [options])] Throws XPathError

%doc = [%(XmlDoc):]ClientCertificate[( [AttributeValues= boolean], - [AttributeNames= boolean])]

%outDoc = doc:Copy

%outDoc = doc:DeepCopy

%unicode = nr:DefaultURI[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

doc:DeleteSelectionPrefix( prefix)

nr:DeleteSubtree[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError


%currentString = doc:Encoding doc:Encoding = newString

%boolean = nr:Exists( xpath) Throws XPathError

%currentXmlInvalidChar = doc:InvalidChar doc:InvalidChar = newXmlInvalidChar

%position = %(XmlDoc):InvalidCharacterPosition( string, [AllowNull= boolean])

%boolean = doc:IsSelectionPrefix( prefix)

%boolean = %(XmlDoc):IsValidString( string, [AllowNull= boolean])

%number = nr:Length[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

doc:LoadCommandInfo[( [string])]

nr:LoadFromRecord[( [AttributeValues= boolean], [AttributeNames= boolean], - [NamesToLower= boolean], [AllowUnreversible= boolean], - [CodepageTable= boolean], [Base64Encode= boolean], - [CharacterMap= characterToUnicodeMap])] Throws CharacterTranslationException

[%number =] nr:LoadFromStringlist( sl, [string]) Throws XmlParseError

doc:LoadMessageInfo[( [string])]

doc:LoadMsgctl[( [EDEFHD= forRocketSupport])]

doc:LoadParameterInfo[( [string])]

doc:LoadSystemMethodInfo( pattern, [ShowBase= boolean])

[%errorPosition =] nr:LoadXml( input, [options]) Throws XmlParseError

%unicode = nr:LocalName[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

%currentXmlNamespaceSetting = doc:Namespace doc:Namespace = newXmlNamespaceSetting

%doc = [%(XmlDoc):]New

%doc = [%(XmlDoc):]NewFromRecord[( [AttributeValues= boolean], - [AttributeNames= boolean], - [NamesToLower= boolean], - [AllowUnreversible= boolean], - [CodepageTable= boolean], - [Base64Encode= boolean], - [CharacterMap= characterToUnicodeMap], - [AllowNull= boolean])] Throws CharacterTranslationException

%unicode = nr:Prefix[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

%unicode = nr:PrefixURI( prefix, [xpath]) Throws XPathError

nr:Print[( [xpath], [options])] Throws XPathError

%unicode = nr:QName[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

%number = nr:SelectCount( xpath) Throws XPathError

%currentUnicode = doc:SelectionNamespace( prefix) doc:SelectionNamespace( prefix) = newUnicode

%nodl = nr:SelectNodes[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

%nod = nr:SelectSingleNode[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

%string = nr:Serial[( [xpath], [options], [AddTrailingDelimiter= boolean])] Throws XPathError

%currentString = doc:Standalone doc:Standalone = newString

%string = nr:ToXPathString[( [selectionXpath])] Throws XPathError

%sl = nr:ToXPathStringlist[( [selectionXpath])] Throws XPathError

nr:Trace[( [xpath], [options])] Throws XPathError

%xmlNodeType = nr:Type[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

%unicode = nr:URI[( [xpath])] Throws XPathError

%currentUnicode = nr:Value[( [xpath])] nr:Value[( [xpath])] = newUnicode Throws XPathError

%unicode = nr:ValueDefault[( [xpath], [value])] Throws XPathError

%currentString = doc:Version doc:Version = newString

[%errorPosition =] doc:WebReceive[( [formFieldname], [fieldOccurrence], - [options])] Throws XmlParseError

doc:WebSend[( [options])]

%string = doc:Xml[( [options])]

%sl = nr:XPathNodeID[( [selectionXpath])] Throws XPathError