APSYSEC parameter

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Sirius APSY security flags


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameters
Related products
Prior to Version 7.5 of Model 204, this parameter required the SirSafe product.
Sirius Mods 6.7


The APSYSEC parameter makes it possible for a system manager to START, STOP, DEBUG, or TEST any subsystem, without having to add the system manager to the SCLASS authorized to do these things.

For versions of Model 204 prior to 7.5, setting this parameter has no effect at sites not authorized for SirSafe.

The APSYSEC parameter is a bitmask parameter where the bits mean:

X'01' System managers are allowed to START, STOP, DEBUG, or TEST any subsystem.

This saves the effort of adding a system manager to a privileged SCLASS in every subsystem in an Online so that the system manager could at least start and stop the subsystems — a common thing for system managers to need to do.

In fact, if no users other than system managers need to start or stop subsystems, this can eliminate the need to even have sclasses in a subsystem to allow starting or stopping of the subsystem. In some cases, eliminating this need can reduce the subsystem definition to a single default sclass, which has performance benefits — no sclass lookup is required when a user enters a subsystem, and no sclass-specific compilations are done for the procedures in the subsystem.

Because of the overhead associated with multiple sclasses in a subsystem (not huge, but possibly measurable), some sites take the risk of adding START and STOP privileges (and perhaps TEST and DEBUG) to the one and only sclass for a subsystem. This, of course, means that any user can start and stop the subsystem, which might not be ideal from a control or security perspective.

The APSYSEC parameter allows such a site to keep one sclass but remove the risk. START and STOP privileges can be removed from the default/only sclass for a subsystem, and only system managers (or users running subsystems that give them system manager privileges) can start or stop subsystems.

To continue using Model 204's traditional fine-grained control of START, STOP, TEST, and DEBUG privileges, the APSYSEC X'01' bit should not be set.