List of Arraylist methods

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The following are the available Arraylist class methods.

AddAdd Arraylist items
AuditAudit Arraylist
AverageAverage the members of this ArrayList
CopyCopy the Arraylist
CountNumber of items in Arraylist
CountSubsetNumber of items matching a criterion
DeepCopyDeep Copy the Arraylist
DequeueRetrieve first Arraylist item, then remove item
EnqueueAdd item to end of Arraylist
FindNextItemFind matching Arraylist item
FindNextItemNumberReturn number of matching item
FindPreviousItemFind matching Arraylist item
FindPreviousItemNumberReturn number of matching item
FirstItemRetrieve or set value of first Arraylist item
InsertInsert items into Arraylist
ItemReturn or set Arraylist item value
LastItemRetrieve or set value of last Arraylist item
ListConstruct and populate a new Arraylist
MaximumGet number of maximum item
MaximumItemGet item that has maximum value
MinimumGet number of minimum item
MinimumItemGet item that has minimum value
NewCreate a new Arraylist object
PopRetrieve last Arraylist item, then remove item
PrintPrint Arraylist
PushAppend item to Arraylist
RemoveItemRemove item from Arraylist
SortSort the input Arraylist
SortNewReturn new sorted Arraylist
StandardDeviationCompute the standard deviation of the items
SubsetNewReturn all matching Arraylist items
SumCompute the sum of the items
TraceTrace Arraylist
VarianceCompute the variance of the items

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