Push (Arraylist function)

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Append item to Arraylist (Arraylist class)

This callable function adds an item to the end of an Arraylist.


[%count =] al:Push( collectionItem)

Syntax terms

%count An, optional, numeric variable to return the number of items in the indicated Arraylist after the item has been added. %count is also the item number associated with the added item in the Arraylist.
al An Arraylist object.
collectionItem A value or variable of the same type as specified on the al declaration, or a value or variable convertible to that type, that will be appended to the end of al .

Usage notes

  • Push was designed as a convenience for use with the Pop function.
  • Push is available in Sirius Mods Version 7.0 and later.

See also

  • The Add and Push functions are the same.