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The following are the available Recordset class methods.

AddRecordAdd Record object record to a Recordset
AddRecordsetAdd a Recordset's records to a Recordset
AddRecordsetNewCombine two RecordSets to produce a third
AndRecordsetMerge two Recordsets to form their logical intersection
AndRecordsetNewCreate new Recordset from intersection of two Recordsets
ClearRemove all records from Recordset
CopyCopy this Recordset object
CountCalculate number of records in Recordset
CursorCreate a RecordsetCursor object from a Recordset
DeepCopyDeep copy this Recordset object
FastUnloadUnload Recordset using Fast/Unload User Language Interface
FastUnloadTaskInitiate asynch Recordset unload using Fast/Unload User Language Interface
IsEmptyIs Recordset empty?
LockStrengthReturn lock strength of Recordset
LoopLockStrengthSet or return minimum lock strength for Recordset records that are in For loops
NewCreate a new Recordset object
RemoveRecordRemove Record object record from Recordset
RemoveRecordsetRemove from a Recordset the records that are matched in input Recordset
RemoveRecordsetNewCreate Recordset from all records in one Recordset that are not in another
ToStringInformation about Recordset

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