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Retrieve last Arraylist item, then remove item (Arraylist class)

This callable function returns the current contents of the last item in the method object Arraylist; then it removes that item.


[%item =] al:Pop

Syntax terms

%item An, optional, variable of the same type as specified on the al declaration to contain the contents of the last al item.
al An Arraylist object.

Usage notes

  • The Pop method for object al is equivalent to specifying the following code fragment:

    al:Item(al:Count) al:RemoveItem(al:Count)

  • Pop is available in Sirius Mods Version 7.0 and later.

See also

  • LastItem returns the last item of an Arraylist without removing it.
  • Dequeue returns the first item of an Arraylist, then removes it.
  • Push, a synonym for Add, appends an item to an Arraylist.