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SirPro is a collection of powerful and easy-to-use tools for Model 204 programmers, database administrators, and application managers. SirPro provides programmers with powerful facilities for managing large libraries of SOUL procedures, and it provides system managers with intuitive ISPF-like front ends to many Model 204 system management commands.

SirPro is part of the RKTools family of products from Rocket Software. Prior to version 7.5 of Model 204 RKTools products, SirPro requires the installation of the Sirius Mods, with a version equal to or higher than the SirPro version. As of Model 204 V7.5, the functions and facilities necessary to run RKTools are built into the Model 204 kernel.

As of version 7.7 of RKTools, many of the SirPro features are accessible through the RKWeb interface as well as the usual TN3270 interface. The SirPro wiki pages primarily describe the TN3270 interface.


SirPro is a menu-driven application subsystem that provides tools for programmers, database administrators and application managers inside the Model 204 environment. SirPro's primary feature set is centered on the manipulation of Model 204 procedures contained in Model 204 files. SirPro allows a programmer to search and display lists of procedures, and to Browse, Edit, Copy, Move, Delete, and Rename procedures.

An interface is also provided for Model 204 command output capture, for the display of field definitions in Model 204 files, and for the display and manipulations of passwords, privileges, and group definitions held in CCASTAT and CCAGRP.

SirPro is also the programmer interface to a set of change management commands that work in conjunction with SirLib (the Library Management part of RKTools). The change management commands include XCompare, Sequence, Resequence, and Klobber.

As of Model 204 version 7.5, SirPro adds many new features that allow programmers to remain focused on the procedures important to them. SirPro also implements a new, advanced, user-extensible editor, SoulEdit, specifically designed for writing and managing Model 204 SOUL code.

SirPro main menu

The SirPro main menu (Option 1 from the RKTools System Main Menu screen) provides an interface to any user-specified procedure file, to a list of commands, to field definitions in Model 204 files, and to passwords, privileges, and group definitions held in CCASTAT and CCAGRP.

SirPro main menu


Each SirPro main menu sub-option is described in the pages listed in "SirPro topics," below.

Online Help and fast-path commands

To get started using the SirPro main menu, press the F1 function key for Help. If the cursor is located on a screen field, the invoked Help is positioned at the Help text for that field. Otherwise, it is positioned at the start of the Help for the screen. Online Help is available for each of the SirPro screens.

Note also that you can use fast-pathing from the command line of this or any of the SirPro screens.

SirPro topics

The SirPro documentation consists of the pages listed below. This list is also available as a "See also" link from each of the pages.

For information about product changes and Model 204 feature support per SirPro version, see the RKTools release notes.

For information about product error messages, see MSIR. messages.

See also