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The following are the available Stringlist class methods.

AddAdd strings to Stringlist
AddImageAdd image as new Stringlist item
AddOrderedAdd an item to an ordered Stringlist
AddOrderedUniqueConditionally add an item to an ordered Stringlist
AddUniqueConditionally add an item to a Stringlist
AddUniqueOrderedConditionally add an item to an ordered Stringlist
AppendCCATempAllocatorInfoAdd CCATEMP allocator information to a Stringlist
AppendCertificateInfoAdd certificate information to a Stringlist
AppendCertificateRequestAdd certificate request to a Stringlist
AppendCertificateRequestInfoAdd certificate request information to a Stringlist
AppendClientCertificateRequestAdd client certificate request to a Stringlist
AppendCPCommandOutputAdd output from CP command to Stringlist
AppendEncryptedSecurityDataAdd RC4 encrypted base64 data to a Stringlist
AppendFieldImagesAdd fields stored in image format to a Stringlist
AppendFieldValuesAdd fields names and values to a Stringlist
AppendGeneratedPrivateKeyAdd base64 encoded RSA private key to a Stringlist
AppendJournalDataAdd lines from journal to Stringlist
AppendOpenProcedureAdd lines from procedure to Stringlist
AppendPemDataAppend PEM encoded string to a Stringlist
AppendPrivateKeyInfoAdd RSA private key information to a Stringlist
AppendProcedureListAdd information about procedures to a Stringlist
AppendSignedCertificateAdd base64 encoded signed certificate to a Stringlist
AppendSignedClientCertificateAdd base64 encoded signed client certificate to a Stringlist
AppendSirfactCommandOutputAdd SirFact command output to a Stringlist
AppendSirfactDataAdd SirFact data display to a Stringlist
AppendTraceAdd trace buffer data to a Stringlist
AppendWebDataAdd Janus Web upload data to a Stringlist
BinaryProcedureDecodeConvert to String from binary procedure format
BinaryProcedureEncodeConvert from binary procedure format to string
BindImageAssociate a Stringlist with an image
ChangeItemLengthChange length of Stringlist item
CheckCertificateCheck format of base64 encoded certificate
CheckCertificateRequestCheck format of base64 encoded certificate request
CompareCompare two Stringlists and produce Stringlist describing differences
CopyCopy Stringlist
CopyImageBindingCopy image association from another Stringlist
CopyItemsCopy items between Stringlists
CountNumber of items in Stringlist
CreateLinesCreate delimited string from Stringlist
DeepCopyCopy Stringlist
DequeueRetrieve value of first Stringlist item, then remove item
EmptyRemove all items from a Stringlist
EnqueueAdd string as new Stringlist item
FindFind next stringlist item that matches a string
FindImageItemFind next matching image item in Stringlist
FindImageItemUpFind previous matching image item in Stringlist
FindUpFind previous stringlist item that matches a string
FirstItemRetrieve value of first Stringlist item
GetImageRetrieve Stringlist item into image
InsertInsert strings into a Stringlist
InsertImageInsert image into a Stringlist
ItemRetrieve value of Stringlist item
ItemDifferenceListCompare Stringlist to delimited Stringlist item
ItemLengthLength of Stringlist item
LastItemRetrieve value of last Stringlist item
ListConstruct a new Stringlist from list of strings
ListToItemConvert Stringlist to single delimited Stringlist item
LocateLocate next Stringlist item containing string
LocateUpLocate previous Stringlist item containing string
MaxItemLengthMaximum Stringlist item length
MoveFromIdMove data from $list to Stringlist
MoveToIdMove data from Stringlist to $list
NewCreate new Stringlist instance
OverlayOverlay part of Stringlist item with string
OverlayImageItemOverlay part of Stringlist item with image item
ParseLinesParse delimited string, appending to this Stringlist
PatchUpdate base Stringlist with patch Stringlist
PatchLinesApply patch Stringlist to a base Stringlist
PatchStringUpdate base string with patch Stringlist
PemToStringExtract base64 encoded PEM data to string
PopRetrieve value of last Stringlist item, then remove last item
PrintDisplay contents of a Stringlist
PushAdd string as new Stringlist item
RegexCaptureCapture substrings to Stringlist using regex
RegexLocateFind next item in Stringlist that matches a regex
RegexLocateUpFind previous item in Stringlist that matches a regex
RegexReplaceCorrespondingReplace substrings that match regex with items in a Stringlist
RegexSplitSplit a string onto a Stringlist using regex
RegexSubsetCreate subset of Stringlist that matches a regex
RemoveItemRemove item from Stringlist
ReplaceReplace a Stringlist item with a string
ReplaceImageReplace Stringlist item with an image
SortSort the contents of a Stringlist
SortNewSort the contents of a Stringlist object to a new Stringlist
SubsetCreate Stringlist subset
SubsetImageItemCreate Stringlist subset based on image item
UnbindImageDisassociate a Stringlist from an image
UpdateProduce Stringlist from input Stringlist using Stringlist of updates

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