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The programmer's PAI facility helps SOUL developers by running an extract of records in order to:

  • View a sample of the record structure stored in the Model 204 file.
  • Extract a sample of the data for reloading into a test data base.

Using the PAI screen

To use the PAI facility, select option 3 from the SirPro main menu. RKTools displays the Print All Information (PAI) screen.

No equivalent screen and result is directly available in the RKWeb interface except by issuing an equivalent command using the command processor.

PAI facility

Supply values in the fields shown, as described below:

Use Parms The default directs the output to the terminal. To direct the output elsewhere, specify the output destination DDNAME or the printer ID. Use the following syntax:

To local printer:


To VTAM printer:


The printer must have the VTAM printer support option.

Note: VTAM printer support is no longer available as of Model 204 version 7.6.

To a data set:


File Name The name of the file (as many as eight characters) to be searched.
Password The password for the file, if needed.
Field Name The field name to search for.
Operator A standard Model 204 operator command; for example, =, IS GT, IS LT.
Value The value of the field to search for.

Press F11 to toggle between CHECKON and CHECKOFF. CHECKON checks whether the field names are defined to the file before execution by looking in the Model 204 dictionary for the file/field combination. CHECKOFF executes without first checking the field names against METADATA entries. Use CHECKOFF when editing is not required or the file data are not available from METADATA.

As long as you remain in RKTools, the PAI input screen will retain your latest input. If you leave RKTools, you lose the contents of the screen.

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