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Option 8 on the SirPro main menu provides a full-screen facility for managing the group definitions in CCAGRP. You can also access these definitions from the RKWeb interface by selecting Manage > Group Definitions.

Note: This option is only available to system managers.

Maintaining CCAGRP definitions

For each group defined in CCAGRP, SirPro displays two lines of information. The first line contains the group name and parameters, and the second line contains the files defined to the group.

CCAGRP screen for permanent group definitions

The RKWeb version of this screen has a different layout and operation but it offers the same functionality.

Note: The TN3270 SirPro CCAGRP interface imposes a limit of 24 files per group. If you have groups defined with more than 24 files, Option 8 on the SirPro main menu lets you view them — but it should not be used to update them, as the 25th and later files will be deleted from the definition. SirPro prevents Update, Copy, or Rename commands (see Sel field, below) against groups with more than 24 members.

The RKWeb CCAGRP interface has a limit of 254 files per group.

Screen fields

The CCAGRP screen's fields are:

Sel A single-character command field. Valid commands are:
D Deletes the group definition.
R Rename the group.
C Copy the group definition to a group definition of a new name.
U Update: Change the parameter settings for the files defined to the group definition.

Delete and Rename are executed directly from the CCAGRP screen. Copy and Update send the user to a group definition update screen. In addition, the command-line command ADD groupname sends the user to the same screen. The update screen is shown below in Updating a group definition.

Group The name of a group member of CCAGRP.
Priv Hexadecimal switches associating various privileges with the default opening of PUBLIC and SEMIPUB groups.
Bldgft Entering Y builds global find table, and N does not build this table, when the group is opened. Y is the default.
Procfile File name of the group member that will contain procedures. If all members may contain procedures, an asterisk (*) is used.
Updtfile File that should be the target of record adds when no specific member name context is given.
Priv Level N Procedure class level. See Procedure security for more information.
Priv Level S Class level required for SELECT. See Field-level security for more information.
Priv Level R Class level required for READ.
Priv Level U Class level required for UPDATE.
Priv Level A Class level required for ADD.

Function keys

These function keys are available on the group definition display:

F1 Help.
F3 Quit (return to SirPro Main Menu).
F7 Scroll up.
F8 Scroll down.
F9 Repeat last command-line command.
F10 Scroll file lines to the left.
F11 Scroll the file lines to the right. If there are more than eight files in a group definition, an ellipsis (...) will appear to the right of the eighth file. This key shifts the view to the right to display the remaining files.

Updating a group definition

Copy, Update, and ADD commands invoke the following display, which allows an entire group definition to be built.

CCAGRP screen for updating a group definition

Access, Privileges, and Bldgft are set to their Model 204 default values. Enter values for the remaining fields, and press F12 to build the group.

Function keys valid for this display are:

F1 Help.
F3 Quit (return to SirPro main menu).
F9 Repeat last command-line command.
F12 Commit the definition to CCAGRP. This key invokes error checking before the group definition commands are executed.

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