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Option 4 on the SirPro main menu lets you scan the field definitions of a selected file. The scan is taken directly from Table A of the selected file.

No equivalent screen and result is directly available in the RKWeb interface except by issuing an equivalent command using the command processor.

As with other RKTools screens, you may request a list of available file names or explicitly enter one. If you are only interested in a select set of field names that start with, contain, or end with a particular character string, you can use wildcard search strings to narrow your selected set of field names.

You must provide a valid password that grants authority to view the field definitions. If you do not open the file correctly, an error occurs, and you will be unable to view the field definitions. This input screen is displayed in the figure that follows.

Display field definitions from target file

The display screen for field definitions shows the field name (as many as 70 characters) with its associated attributes displayed on the line below. You can search for a selected string by entering a search command in the command window. If you search for a string that is both an attribute and part of a field name (for example, KEY), the search process will find each instance of the string value whether it is contained in a field name or attribute line.

Display Field definitions (output)

Note: Line movement in this panel is by field name. Field names and attributes are always paired in the screen and never split across screen boundaries.

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